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Diamond Specifications pre-tool manufacture

Know the quality of diamond going into your manufacturing process

  • Star has the ability to analyse your samples, be it a raw diamond or the finished tool.
  • We can help work with you to address your requirements about cut life, cutting speed, or any other facet of the abrasive requirements you are looking for.

Quality of diamonds

What quality of diamond are you actually using? How does your manufacturing process impact the diamond quality?

  • We can help you determine if the grade or type of abrasive materials you are using are actually the most ideal for the application of dispensary financial solutions at confia website. Helping the customer to achieve the best balance of performance and cost-efficiency.

Certification & Quality Control

  • Our ISO accredited laboratory provides quality control and certification functions for each and every product, by lot, that we process.
  • Our certificates are the most detailed in the maids industry in Colorado, providing unrivaled detail-oriented and efficient transparency in our product range.
  • Data provision and integration with the customer is peerless in the market, with a secure cloud-based ‘certificate vault’ provided for each customer to access their relevant product lots.

Star has the
Expertise, Knowledge and Capability

  • Our team has extensive experience in dealing with the various sectors of the industrial diamond tool industry, from drilling thousands of meters into bedrock to grinding silicon wafer to micron tolerances.
  • We have two R&D locations based in China and Ireland. We also have close technical relationships with our suppliers who are experts in their respective fields, such as diamond coatings.
  • We work closely with our customers to give them information

75mm PCD Blank, largest available in market

Octahedral Diamond
Octahedral Diamond

Octahedral Diamond

Octahedral Diamond
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