Quality Control and Product Development

We have invested heavily since 2009 to have the highest global capability and capacity to test all lots of diamond that go to our customer. All data is available to our customer on request for each and every lot. Our staff is highly trained, and have long experience in the synthetic diamond business.

In 2011 we formally went through the ISO Certification process, and achieved ISO9001. We have documented all internal processes and controls, and these documents are available to our customers on request. We are now at a point where we have extremely high standards due to the certification, but also due to many customer audits that improved our models. Our lab enables our team to research and develop products to suit the customer’s needs, as well as ensure consistent quality for every batch.

Quality Control Standards

Particle Strength

We test the 'friability' of each diamond grade at room temperature and at 1100c (which is higher than typical manufacturing processes). The strength of each saw grit product is then ranked relative to the other diamond grits within the respective product range.

Particle Size

All our products must fall within FEPA standards and are measured using both a vibratory sieve and ro-tap system.

Particle Shape/Crystallinity

This Indicator gives a ranking based on the proportion of crystalline particles within each product. A particle is described as crystalline when it displays features such as a regular defined shape, smooth faces and a sharp edge definition. These particles are commonly associated with high strength saw grit and generally exhibit predictable breakdown characteristics in use. Particles described as less crystalline are more irregular in shape, with rough faces and less well defined edges. A specific piece of equipment is used in this analysis and 5 key characteristics are measured in each test.

Magnetic Selection/Measurement

For certain application a very low magnetic measurement is required. We have the capability to sort out metallic content from diamond batches, and then to measure future batches to ensure consistency.

Particle Compression Fracture Strength

The single crystal static fracture strength tester combines a special microscope for size, shape and position measurement and the fracture force measurement in one device. From size and fracture force of the individual stones the individual fracture strength is calculated. High CFS correlates strongly with high strength, crystalline grades of diamond.

Particle Shape

We have a number of tables to improve shape and ultimately strength, so that we can offer tailor made products to suit our customer’s needs.

Quality Control of PCD/TSD


We measure the G-Ration between the wear on a SiC wheel and the actual diamond product.


Large percentage of product is measured in final QC process before being sent to customer.


We measure the toughness of the diamond product.

Thermal Stability

We measure the wearness and toughness.