Star Materials is incorporated in Hong Kong, with divisions in China and Europe. The management is made up of people with over 40 years experience of global and Chinese industrial diamond industry. Strategic global manufacturing locations, and knowing what top class tool makers need allow Star to produce top quality products to meet customer expectations. Star has grown substantially year on year since 2007 and now supplies over 25 countries globally, and continues to grow year on year.

Star is an independent company that understand the different global industrial diamond markets. With strategic manufacturing and processing locations in China and Ireland we leverage all facets of our business to meet customer demands, be they price driven, quality driven, or both. We couple this with market leading service to out-perform our competitors.

Star Materials has two quality control centres in Europe and in China. We are also ISO certified. The last process for each product batch is a full quality control analysis and this data is used to certify each batch and the certificate is sent to the customer. Everything is transparent with a range of data sent out. Each product is designated a lot number that can be traced back through our systems for a 4 year time frame. We deal with the reject lots internally, not our customer!

We are experts on the industrial diamond market and we present a non-matched value package in terms of service, quality, and essentially price. Our CEO is an ex-Global Strategic Sourcing Manager for a large industrial tool maker and we have geared our offering to allow the maximum value for our customer. We understand what our customer’s total requirements are.

Star Materials can do a range of research through analysis of diamond tools, recovery of diamond from tools, SEM and EDX analysis. We also have the capability, through the equipment we have, to alter and manipulate diamond products to meet customer’s demands.